Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts

Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts 2.601

Opposing Front is an expansion for the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes

For many people, Company of Heroes has been the best real-time strategy game of the last years thanks to its many qualities and excellent production. Opposing Front is its expansion. However, the quantity of new contents of this expansion is big enough to be launched as an individual new game. Therefore, although it is defined as "expansion" this title is actually a complete game, with campaign mode, two new factions and more multiplayer modes. You do not need the original game to function, although they can perfectly work together if you have both.

As said before, Company of Heroes: Opposing Front includes two new factions: 2nd British Army and the German Panzer Elite. In addition to enhanced graphics and artificial intelligence, it also adds new battles and improvements in the online mode.

Relic Team have already made it clear that their plans for Company of Heroes go beyond from just building a couple of games. The ambition and quantity of contents gives you quite an accurate idea of what to expect from the series´ future.

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  • Enhanced multi-player mode
  • Realistic environment


  • None
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